Stephanie Davis says Jeremy McConnell ‘doesn’t deserve’ to be at the birth

Which is very fair, if you ask us

Poor old Stephanie Davis didn’t have the most wonderful start to the year - going on CBB, getting with Jeremy McConnell while her boyfriend watched sadly from a faraway sofa, getting trolled for "faking" her pregnancy – but things finally seem to be looking up.

She’s got a new house, an imminent new baby, and basically a whole new life (which looks pretty fab).

And her relationship with Jeremy didn’t have the best of ends either – so it’s no surprise she’s not keen on getting him in for the birth of their son.

She said: "He doesn’t deserve to be there. I don’t think he wants to be there either. I don’t think I could ever forgive him for how he’s been."

"I used to send him scan photos but he doesn’t care and he never has. It’s just me and my son now. I never thought he’d be that type of guy,” she added to this week’s OK! Magazine.

"I really did love Jez and I tried to reach out so he wouldn’t regret missing out with his son.”

Jeremy has meanwhile been scampering about with none other than CHARLIE DOHERTY (off of this year’s regular Big Brother).

We literally did not see this coming.

She met him outside his house in Dublin in the early hours of the morning (nawty nawty) at the weekend.

We saw some pics of him greeting her at his front door, giving her a cheeky kiss, and holding a beer in his hand.


All this comes after Steph has maintained she’s not in a relationship.

"I don't know this guy who I'm apparently dating now – literally haven't got a clue! He's not my boyfriend – I've never met him before in my life," she wrote in her blog for OK! magazine.

This comes after a whole loada teasing from Steph's end, which was pretty unmistakably boyfriend related (if you ask us).

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