Stephanie Davis hits back at Marnie Simpson AGAIN: ‘she’ll get in any guy's pants’


Stephanie Davis and Marnie Simpson are currently embroiled in some sort of mega feud, which is now intensifying during Marnie’s stay in the Big Brother house (she entered earlier this week with Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean as part of a VIP task).

During a Facebook Live Q&A session on the official Big Brother UK Facebook page last night, Steph branded Marnie a “mess”.


When a member of the public asked: “Do you think any of the VIPs will get naughty with any of the housemates?”

Steph then pretended to forget Marnie’s name (good one, Steph), saying: “100 per cent. “That what’s her name… Oh, Marnie, is it? I don’t know.”

“But yeah. I think she will 100 per cent try and get in any guys' pants, really."

The then continued: “Maybe to miff off Lewis Bloor, or just for a bit of air time?”

Erm. Bit harsh, Steph?

This weird feud all started when Steph hit out at Marnie and Lewis Bloor last week.

Writing in her Mirror Online column, Steph gave a word of warning about finding love to this summer's intake of BB housemates.

"If you're doing it for the wrong reason it won't last," she said.

Steph continued to reveal she believed Lewis and Marnie, who got together in Celebrity Big Brother in January 2017, were trying to copy her and Jez: "Loads of people have tried to copy us since, just look at Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor!

"They were trying to copy me and Jez so badly that you could just see through it - and look what that happened."

Marnie then hit back at Steph, and the fight continues.

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