People are going crazy over this Tom Hardy lookalike


There's nothing we love more than a good celebrity lookalike. Remember that girl who was literally Ariana Grande's doppelganger? Oh, and who could forget that Russian bloke who was 100% Leonardo Di Caprio's biological identical twin (/not related in anyway but the similarities were uncanny)?

Now the Internet's descended into a bit of a frenzy over another celeb lookalike. This time it involves a young lad who's apparently the spitting image of mega fitlord Tom Hardy.

And here he is.

Is it just us or does he literally look about 12?

He's actually not 12. He's 23 years old and his name is Jonny Rayner, but we're just going to come right out and say it: we really don't see it, soz Jonny hun.

OK, maybe we were a little quick to dismiss the resemblance, we suppose he's kind of got an air of (a v young) Tom about him.

Jonny apparently had no idea he looked (vaguely) similar to probs one of the hottest men in the world and was a bit taken aback by the attention, apparently.

"I only started to realise that I resembled Tom Hardy when probably the fifth person in the space of a few weeks mentioned it," he told Pretty 52.

"I was in a club and a drunk girl ran for me, jumped at me, and wrapped her legs around me!"

Of course she did.

And his girlfriend (sorry ladies that's Tom and Jonny off the cards now) says he's very down to earth about the whole thing.

"He's really modest though and doesn't think he looks like him, but all my friends and family members comment on it as soon as they meet him."


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