Tom Hiddleston got BLANKED at Golden Globes and it’s so awkward

There are times when cameras catch some absolute gems of moments in celeb land.

Just look at all the times at former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello, tried to high five her band mates. BEYOND AWKWARD.

And who can ever forget that time Leonardo Dicaprio gave Lady Gaga THAT look when she scooted past his chair at the 2016 Golden Globes?


Well last night’s Golden Globes was no different.

Not only did we see Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds SNOGGING in the background while Ryan Gosling went to collect his award, but someone also spotted this absolute cringe-fest.

Are you ready for it?

Tom Hiddleston, better known for his role in The Night Manager or his HORRENDOUS ‘I heart TS’ shirt (you decide), got completely and utterly blanked by co-star Hugh Laurie.

And it was all caught on camera.

Look at Tom’s excited little face! He stands there, waiting for the perfect moment to congratulate his mate, and Hugh just walks off in the other direction and doesn’t even acknowledge it.

So much air time. We literally cannot cope.

Ever the smoothie, Tom tried to style it out by quickly retracting his hand when he realised he’d been left hanging, but it was too late.

It’s all on film, and therefore will never go away. Ever. Sorry, hun. Just ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt about that whole Stephen Merchant snub.

Did Hugh not see his pal? Or, as some internet commentators are pointing out, is he just a massive Taylor Swift fan and therefore throwing some subtle shade at Tom?

We’re gonna go with the former, but we reckon Hugh might be teaching Tom a lesson after that t-shirt.

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