TOWIE's Tommy Mallet goes on Twitter rant and says he's 'had enough' of reality TV


Someone's not happy!

Tommy Mallet isn't one for holding his tongue, and that's why we love him. Well, that and his ridiculously cute relationship with Georgia Kousoulou.

But even we were shocked to see his latest rant on Twitter, in which he rages about favouritism on TOWIE and hints that he's ready to move on from the show.

Aaron Chalmers ditching Geordie Shore and now Tommy??? There must be something in the air!

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"Cast members having PR company’s," he began. "TOWIE protecting people.

"I’m not even getting negative feedback.. just had enough of how this reality world works.

"I think nows the time to go do what I've got to do with my own life. If I wanted to employ a PR company for myself I would look like a angle aswell."

Tommy then discussed the "favouritism" on TOWIE, saying, "I've been successful in starting my company out of doing TV so it's not all that bad.. Just the favouritism that comes with it.

"It's mad... How boring would the show be if someone never spoke out of turn like I do?

"Getting called fat constantly on twitter by people's fans because I made a comment on them. But then if I said I was going to propose to Georgia everyone would want to know... I'd be golden boy for a year then.

"F* this I gotta go do what's right for my company... & the things that actually mean something and make me proud.

"And before you drop the jealousy card to me.. I became comfortable for life when I was 24 years old.. if you get me.

"It might of come out wrong.. I ain't getting abuse and saying this.. I'm just sick of seeing towie adverts and it being one sided.

"I'm as real as they come.. I could of proposed to G for air time & magazine deals.. I've stayed true.. never sold my soul to no one.

"Anyway I gotta got secure my @Forbes place..... Love to all the real fans that see through this bull**. [sic]"

We'd be devastated if Tommy left TOWIE, as would his fans it seems.

They voiced their support, with one superfan tweeting, "Your the best on TOWIE!!! It would really upset me if you left! You make the show worth watching!!"

Meanwhile Tommy's co-star Mario Falcone tweeted back, "It will forever it the way mate... always has been and unfortunately always will be... keep your chin up x."

Say it ain't so!!

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