Chloe Sims is secretly dating THIS member of 5ive

What are they up to When the Lights Go Out? Ahem.

If you had an ounce of musical taste back in the '90s/early noughties, you'll no doubt have been a massive 5ive fan. They just had all the tunes, didn't they? Well now Abz Love - the fella who went on to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and release a couple of really-pretty-brilliant solo singles - is dating TOWIE's Chloe Sims in secret.

Well, as secret as flaunting yourselves all over social media can be.

According to The Sun Online the pair started seeing each other two months ago; and they're so far in she's told friends she's 'blissfully happy.' Meanwhile we're over here single af wondering why our cat hates us, don't mind us.

Speaking to the paper, a 'friend' of Chloe's revealed: "This is Chloe’s first serious relationship in years.

"We’d never have put the two of them together but they couldn’t be more perfect. She’s just started telling her friends about it and she’s the happiest we’ve seen her in ages."

Neither Chloe nor Abz have properly confirmed the relationship yet, but they've posted several snaps together on social media that've had fans talking.

BLIMEY, Chloe even posted one pic holding hands with Abz (it was obvs him 'cause of the matching tattoos) with the caption 'Bad boy? You choose. Holding hands and tattoos…'

Chlabz (hmm, probably not gonna catch on) were also spotted together recently at the British Style Collective 2017 event in Liverpool, so things seem to be going pretty well.



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