TOWIE's Pete Wicks throws serious Twitter shade – is it aimed at Megan McKenna?

If not who, eh? EH?

When we look back at 2016, it will forever be known as the year we left the EU and THE YEAR THAT LOVE DIED.

Not just our love of stollen, Amstel and Justice but also the great reality TV romances of our time: Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex, Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson and (maybe) Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna.

In the last episode of TOWIE, Pete looked like a broken man when he cried tears from his eyes in his bid to win Megs back, following the news that he'd been having a full blown textual affair with his ex, Jacqui Ryland.

He also admitted to his best pal James Lock that he'd "f*cked up".

But the days of sad Pete could be OVER.

Pete the pirate (self-styled) has posted a cryptic message to Twitter and it's, well, fighting talk.

"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," Pete said, alongside a fist emoji.

But who could this be aimed at?

A fair few TOWIE stars have waded into the Pete / Megs debate.

"It will be hard for them to move on, it is a tough thing to get over," Dan Edgar told heat.

Taking to Instagram, Chloe Sims posted the frankly slightly confusing: "We all make mistakes. Don't let that be the reason you give up on somebody.

"I know I've made plenty.... It's how you come back from them that's important.. He messed up BIG time.. But also too many hungry people out there want to try their luck... destroying someone's heart is the biggest crime in this.. It's happened to me in the past, when they don't win they come for revenge or for cash? And 15 mins of fame? #shameless"

And Danielle Armstrong the much more to the point: "I swear to God I will never date an Essex boy again. What is wrong with these men?"

Or could Pete actually be referring to Megan? Vas J Morgan claims that she did sleep with Jake Hall (although quite how he'd know and drop his pals in it is beyond us).


Pete's been in touch with heat to tell us his Twitter shade is NOT aimed at Megs. Phew!

"No it's not aimed at her," he told us. Which is manly and direct.

So will the mystery ever be solved? Course it will. So long as we stay tuned to TOWIE.

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