Vicky Pattison posts CRAY throwback snap


The Geordie Shore lot have changed HEAPS since they first hit our screens a whopping 5 years ago. And it’s no surprise really because The WORLD has changed flippin’ loads in that time.

Things like contouring, Snapchat and One Direction weren’t even a thing when the original party animals were let loose to trash the Geordie Shore house and bump ugiles with each other.

Back in those dark pre-Geordie days we had no idea that Gaz Beadle had a willy like a parsnip, or that Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry were partial to sharing sex toys, OR that Charlotte Crosby could wet the bed like a truly pissy champion.

Wait. What did we even do with our lives back then?

Well, Vicki Pattison has stepped in to remind us what those days felt like. Sort of.

She’s posted a throwback snap on her Insta which is equal levels ADORABLE and OMG.

Dedicating the snap to her friend, Vicki gushed about how she couldn’t imagine life without one of her oldest BFFs.


We can’t get over how different our Geordie lass looks! We’re also extremely envious of that tan and have booked the next available spray tan appointment to cure our winter blues.

Vicki was an original Geordie Shore cast member but waved ta-ta to the show and has been absolutely killing it ever since – she’s a fixture on Loose Women, is getting ready to fly off to Australia to present I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here and she has launched her own health and nutrition brand.

Maybe Gaz is planning to have an equally successful career post-Geordie Shore. He has admitted to heat that he’ll definitely quit the show soon because he doesn’t want to be “clubbing with students and necking off [because] it would start to get a bit weird.”

Right you are, Gaz. But who else will take the place of horndog on the rampage?

Our money’s on Scotty T.

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