This is what happens when Victoria Beckhams goes to Starbucks

No matter how successful she becomes in the fashion industry, Victoria Beckham will always be a Spice Girl to us.

We’re not the only ones, either.

When David Beckham’s wife headed to Starbucks with her son Romeo, she was handed an iced Americano in a cup labelled ‘Posh’.

Her son uploaded the evidence in an Insta-snap, captioning it, “When mum goes to Starbucks!”

If anything, we’re more impressed Posh still goes to Starbucks and doesn’t get one of her ‘fashion bunnies’ to get the teas in for her.

We’ll be looking out for you next time we’re queuing like zombies for our morning caffeine hit, Vicky!

The former pop star relived her days as a Spice Girl recently when she was quizzed by a group of young girls about her time in the band for InStyle magazine.

“What’s a Spice Girl?” one of them asked, and her response was amazing.

“The Spice Girls was a pop group and we used to say ‘Girl Power!’ all the time,” she said. “And we thought that boys were better than boys.”

Ah, those were the days!

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