EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle on how to become a YouTube Sensation

In the early Noughties, we had the holy grail of teen magazines (see: Mizz, TOTP, Bliss and Sugar) to guide us through the perils and heartbreak of growing up. What to wear on a date, how to snog and how to tell your BFF's to stop leaving you out at lunchtime - were all explained through the medium of bright colours, S Club 7 and accompanying sparkly stickers.

NOW, in futuristic 2017, we have Zoella and crew to guide us through the honest, and often mundane fluff of everyday life. But what if we want to be a part of the Youtube community and regularly vlog and make films ourselves? Tell the world how what's in our make-up bag and how we grill our avocados? How do we even start. (We are all raging narcissists really, shh).

Therefore heat have enlisted help from Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle (YouTube Pros) to give us the down low on filming - from what camera to get and how to act confident when one is thrust in your face.


Hiya Jamie and Francis! So, you are slaying YouTube at the moment, how’s it going?

Jamie: It’s super fun, I love YouTube! do you not love YouTube?

I do! I want to get in to it, am I too old though?

Jamie: No! The the great thing about Youtube is that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are - that’s the best thing about it! And you don’t have to wait for a commissioner or a boss.. I mean, you are your own boss! So you could just go out and shoot now if you wanted, how great is that.

You're selling it to me... Which camera would you recommend?

Jamie: Cameras are really expensive [side note: they must be spenny if even the MIC crew think so, gulp] I would personally go for a Cannon lens, I think it’s a 2.4 Cannon lens… that’s the best one you can get.

Francis: Interesting, but what about body?

Jamie: It depends if you mean male or female.

Francis: Camera body [sighs]

Jamie: I quite like a titanium body.. I don’t know what that means.

How do you act so confident and relaxed on camera? I can barely string a sentence together without mumbling...

Boulle: A lot of meditation. Jamie: Actually, yes - meditation is key! Do you meditate?

I think I think too much to meditate? I think

Jamie: That’s the whole point of meditating, it slows your mind down. It’s really good thing for it. The reason why we are so good at it [talking on camera] is because of the show [Made In Chelsea]. It’s trained us into it. It teaches you how to be good on camera. If you were a presenter, you don’t really have training you are just thrown in to it. What reality does, is it teaches you how to be good on television, without really teaching you.

Francis: Eventually the camera just becomes part of the background and you don’t really notice it. People get nervous at the idea of being on camera because they think of all the people watching, but actually if you’re interviewing someone, you just learn to talk to them and not the camera.

Jamie: I mean, we are on our 13th series of Made In Chelsea! Is that lucky or unlucky? I have a superstition where I can’t walk across three drains.

Francis: I can’t walk under ladders.

Jamie: Francis and I nearly did a ouija board once.

Francis: But I refused to do it. I just moved into my flat and Jamie brought around a ouija board and I didn’t want to tear open some void to the underworld in my new flat.

Understandable. So Boulle, you're introducing your own Youtube channel. What can we expect?

Well it’s going to be a bit of vlogging, but also film-making and funny interviews. I do have some guests lined up, but I can’t tell you who. Mine will be a bit more sophisticated than Jamies… a lot of awareness videos about Pangolins.

Thanks guys! I'm now one step closer to reaching Zoella-type stardom. Or at least being sent detox tea in the post.

Made In Chelsea Series 13 starts at 9pm Monday 20 March on e4.


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