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BRITs 2015: The BEST Vines from the evening, including THAT Madonna fall

The BRITs were viiiiiiiiine!

Why watch the whole of the BRITs 2015, when you can see the best bits in six-second bites, hey?

Poor old Madonna took a right tumble off the stage and we were all in MASSIVE shock:

Ed Sheeran had a message for us...

Taylor showed her pulling tips

Best shocked face, EVER

Ed Sheeran bringing his own Jack-in-the-box

Why wouldn't you celebrate with a head-bang?

Kim Kardashian OWNED the show...

And of course, took a selfie...

Taylor's Kanye West reaction was our FAVE

But before long, her and Lionel Richie were dancing like no-one was watching...

George Ezra was modest enough to presume not everyone knows who he is

Heat magazine cover