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BRITs 2015: Kanye West fans enraged and confused as half rapper's performance is muted but N-bomb slips through

Much of the song was blocked out

With Kanye West performing at the BRIT Awards in London last night it was only a matter of time before something controversial happened.

And the rapper didn’t disappoint even though we couldn’t actually hear half his performance.


The musician was introduced by wife Kim Kardashian before he performed new single All Day but viewers were left baffled and enraged as half the song was muted to block out the bad language in the lyrics.

To make things worse, the N-word slipped through a number of times during the song.

One person tweeted: “What was the point of Kanye performing if they just auto muted most of his lyrics?”

Another person wrote: “Brit awards go to all the trouble of muting half Kanye’s song and STILL let the n word out three times. Censorship at its best.”

Another viewer posted: “Am watching the Brits. Is my TV faulty or is someone a little trigger happy with the bleep button?”

Someone else wrote: “Well done to @ITV for blocking out the only part of Kanye’s song that wasn’t a swear word and for letting him drop that n-bomb on live TV...”

ITV bosses insisted it was vital they block out rude language given the time the show was being broadcast but did not mention the words that slipped through.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “ITV took the decision to use an audio mute during the performance.

“The BRITs is broadcast live on ITV from 8pm to a wide audience.

“We have operated a short time delay as standard practice for some years on the show, to allow us to mute language that may be inappropriate for that wide audience, and elected to do so in this case, given the performance took place shortly after the 9pm watershed.”

Maybe Kanye should have picked a different song...

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