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BRITs 2015: Kim Kardashian laughs off THAT awkward selfie fail with Ant and Dec

We’re obsessed with Ant’s face right now

Remember when Ant and Dec did that selfie at the National Television Awards last year and it was the best thing ever? Well, they tried to recreate it last night on stage at the BRITs 2015 and things went DRASTICALLY wrong*.

(*Not Madonna-pulled-off-the-stage-by-a-soon-to-be-fired-dancer wrong, but still quite wrong)


All the elements for the perfect selfie were there: two smallish TV presenters (all the better to fit inside the frame), a room full of expectant celebrities, Kim ACTUAL Kardashian. So where did it all go so pear-shaped?

Uh… probably when one of the boys forgot to unlock their phone. Dec handed his mobile over to the 34-year-old reality star and asked her to take the snap.

“Whoever has the longest arm because that's the best angle,” she replied, while tilting her face to the perfect degree.

Then there were a few beats of silence as the threesome looked keenly at the screen, before Kim laughed, “It's locked, it didn't take!”

“We just wanted to document it,” said Dec, fully aware of the gravity of the moment, no doubt feeling his life-force slip away.

But Kim’s momager Kris Jenner tried to rectify the situation afterwards by tweeting at her new Geordie BFFs (they met back in January at the NTAs 2015).

Kim actually referenced the awkward moment on her own Instagram, captioning it: “I love that I got to introduce my husband and present my friend Sam Smith the global success award! But 1st let me take a selfie....”

Didn’t tag in Ant or Dec though…

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