Red Carpet

Sheridan Smith’s new kitchen has a built-in bed for her DOGS!

And its been designed by last year’s Apprentice candidate Ella Jade

Cilla actress Sheridan Smith has gone and got herself a shiny new kitchen and bathroom.

But it’s not a Changing Rooms job. Nope, she’s got an Apprentice in to take over.

Actual TV Apprentice Ella Jade Bitton, who was the third person to be fired in last year’s series, designed the room and made sure it had enough space for Sheridan’s dogs, Enid, Trish and Barry.

We caught up with Ella at the MyFaceMyBody Awards, where she told us all about it. “She’s so happy with it,” said Ella. “We’ve done the finishing touches. Sheridan did kind of leave it to me so I was like, ‘OK… here we go… responsibility!’ but she did want something for her dogs in the alcove and it’s really cute. She loves her dogs and we wanted to make it.”

Ella says the project took two weeks to design and two months to complete.

She’s landed herself a new showroom in London’s Kensington, the same borough where Wills and Kate live – and she tells us which celebrity home she really wants to get her hands on. Ella said: “I’d go and see Victoria Beckham’s place – I have to check out the competition.”

Can we come too?

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