Red Carpet

Want to know where the Emmerdale cast is going for its work Christmas do?

Well, we know where they’re heading and who’s top party planner…

Christmas comes round twice for the cast of Emmerdale, for not only are they already through to filming scenes set in the New Year but they’re already sorted their work Christmas party plans.

Speaking to us at the MyFaceMyBody Awards, Rik Makarem, who plays Nikhil Sharma tells us: “If Bhasker Patel [who plays Rishi Sharma has anything to do with it, most definitely. Actually he negotiated a nice little deal at Carluccio’s so I think that’s where we’re going.”

Co-star Liam Fox, who plays Dan Spencer, added: “Bhasker is the party animal, every day of the week, he’s straight on the dancefloor.But he’s also incredibly talented so it doesn’t affect him.”

The lads get to celebrate Christmas twice, but that doesn’t mean they’re one step ahead with their real Christmas plans.

Rik told us: “It is rather strange when the Christmas decorations go up in the village.”

Liam added: “I’ve tried to ignore it because it gets earlier and earlier every year, and to a certain extent it ruins your own Christmas because by the time you have your real Christmas you go ‘aagh I’ve had it once’.

But Rik’s not complaining. He said: “I just feel that it’s Christmas every day.” Not if it means eating sprouts…

“I haven’t started my Christmas shopping,” said Liam. “I’m going to go to Aldi and get all them things out of the bins on the side.”

Rik added: “This year is going to be the year that I venture into online shopping because I want to just see if that actually works, a lot of people do it and it’s a good excuse if you forget someone, you say it didn’t make the delivery time.”

Hmmm think your plan has just been busted…sorry Rik.

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