Vicky Pattison wearing Lucy Meck\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s dress


Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison shows off amazing weight loss in Lucy Mecklenburgh's dress!

As one of Geordie Shore’s more vocal cast members, Vicky Pattison has had her fair share of emotional ups and downs on the show over the past 2 years. Now she's flaunting her amazing weight loss - down from 11st 2lb - in a dress worn by TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh...

As one of Geordie Shore’s more vocal cast members (pretty impressive in itself) Vicky Pattison has had her fair share of emotional ups and downs on the show over the past 2 years. With all of the partying and boozing it hasn’t been only Vic’s emotions that have been up and down…

The pretty Geordie has openly battled with her size after finding that she had put on weight after splitting with boyfriend Ricci Guarnaccio and going up to 11st 2lb. Vicky has found it difficult to handle some of the cruel jibes she received after gaining weight.

“If you ever put on weight, people pick up on it very quickly and can be very cruel. I’d be lying if I said the jibes didn’t hurt. I tend to put on between half a stone and a stone while filming a six-week series. I’ll be partying all the time and just eating rubbish. When I am at my heaviest I just don’t feel confident at all. I have all these sexy clothes and I don’t feel like wearing any of them at all.”

Lucy Mecklenburgh vs Vicky Pattison
Since the split and the series has ended the brunette has been working super-hard to slim down and has been regularly snapped leaving the gym near her home in Newcastle following a heavy workout. She’s even sorted her diet out!

Pattison tweeted details of her uber-healthy breakfast recently saying,

'Morning all!!! I'm starting my day nice and healthy with a spinach omelette!! #healthyvic #checkmeout #boom.'

But she isn’t immune to temptation! After seeing a massive platter of yummy doughnuts Vicky managed to abstain from scoffing one, tweeting,

“What a sight man?!!!! Oooohhhh I would love one of you delicious little b**s!!! But I won't.. #devilsdoughnuts.”

We know your pain, Vic! Must eat fruit, must eat fruit, must eat fruit…

Vicky’s grueling workouts and doughnut denials have clearly paid off. The reality star looked amazing on a night out in Manchester over the weekend wearing a stunning Three Floor blue and nude frock! The same dress Lucy Mecklenburgh wore to wow in Marbella earlier this year. Obvs not Lucy's actual frock. We don't think they know each other that well.

Vicky expertly styled her busy dress with nude extras adding a splash of colour with bright red nails.

What do you think of Vicky’s makeover, heatworlders? We think she’s a canny lass!

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