Lauren Goodger's plastic surgery timeline

How much work has she had done?

Fish-lipped Mark Wright-getter-overer and sometime reality star Lauren Goodger has a face that tells a thousand stories. Unfortunately, all of those stories culminate in her taking a selfie.

But still, she has packed one helluva lot into her short time as a famous person. Like, er, rocketing The Only Way Is Essex into Bafta territory. And not marrying Mark Wright. Oh, and going on all those rants about starving herself. Not to mention setting up her own brand of fake tan and apparently becoming a millionaire off the biscuity-smelling back of it.

And she’s still only 30! Impossible. We would be lucky to be able to look at our bank balance without crying at that age.

Because, as the UK’s top female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni, puts it, Lauren’s joined that estimated group of ‘ageless’ celebrities.

So Lauren Goodger's face. Plastic surgery - yay or nay?

Ms Kavouni reckons: quite a lot.

'Lauren's very arched eyebrows, shiny, wrinkle free forehead are indicators of anti-wrinkle injections. Her mouth has also changed shape; her top lip appears to have been filled and when she smiles she has no visible cupid's bow.'

Wow. Anything else? 'It looks like her whole top lip has been filled right up to the nose. This could be hyaluronic acid or a longer lasting fat transfer, where fat from one part of her body is removed (harvested) and then injected in the target area.' Nice.

Has Lauren had a boob job?

Lauren’s been pretty open about her boob job, which took her up to a 34E last December.

The pros from MYA cosmetic surgery, told us, 'It is common for many woman to undergo a breast enlargement following dramatic weight loss as they wish to regain the breasts fullness with implants, and we believe this to be the case with Lauren.'

Has Lauren Goodger had bum implants?

MYA think it's a definite possibility.

Case in point:

'It’s possible that Lauren Goodger has undergone a surgical cosmetic procedure to enhance size of her buttocks. The shape and fullness of Lauren’s buttocks have changed which could be due to buttock (bum) implants or fat transfer.' Dun dun dun. Squats or surgery - will we ever get to the bottom of this? (Lol).

Something Lauren has admitted in a candid Instagram post is that she gets her cellulite zapped...

Lauren Goodger before and after

Anyway, here’s her face through the years. Has it changed much? You tell us.

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