Guess how much Blazin' Squad's Spotify streams are up now Marcel's in Love Island?

Not gonna lie, we're instrumental

In case you weren't aware, Marcel Somerville off of Love Island is in Blazin' Squad. He hasn't really mentioned it and likes to keep it on the down low, but he's Rocky B and/or Plat'num. WHY SO SECRETIVE, Marcel? Live your truth.

Anyway, since Marcel first popped upon our tellyboxes earlier this week Blazin' Squad's Spotify streams have increased a slightly ridiculous 2500% here in the UK.

Have we contributed to that? Um, GUILTY. Flip Reverse, anyone?

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The boys' 2002 number 1 Crossroads is their most popular track with the most streams right now (a CLASSIC); and the boys still have 30,000 monthly listeners. Not bad seeing as their last proper release was a tune called Let's Start Again back in 2009.

It reached number 51 but deserved SO MUCH MORE. What you playin' at, Great British public?

Blazin' Squad currently consists of five of the original line-up, but we're hoping for a real reunion once Marcel's out of the villa. Come THROUGH, Kenzie. You know you wanna.


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