Calvin Harris: 'I WON'T collaborate with Taylor Swift'

Turns out Calvin doesn't get all the girls, singing-wise

Hey you! What's the most exciting thing to happen in pop today?

That's right: it's the new Calvin Harris and Rihanna single This Is What You Came For, which looks set to be just as big a banger as We Found Love In A Hopeless Place and that came out a jaw-dropping five years ago.

And yet heat hasn't aged a day.

The pair began working on the track back in November but Calvin kept it under wraps as he prefers to keep his collaborations quiet.

Rihanna performs with Calvin Harris at Coachella festival 2016

But he has made no secret of who he won't be working with: Taylor Swift.

That's right, his actual girlfriend.

"We haven't even spoken about it," Calvin said, speaking to Ryan Seacrest on heat radio.

"I can't see it happening though. She's about to take a long break."

Which seems like an opportunity for POP HEAVEN wasted to us.

Calvin does have some mega-collabs coming up though, including work with Ellie Goulding.

"We have, like, half a track. I don't know about the other half," he said before revealing the best way for inspiration if you're stuck with bangers-block.

Step out of the studio and have a sandwich.

Calvin revealed that ham works for him, "nothing fancy", but we believe that cheddar and pickle would probably work just as well.

The Scottish FITLORD also has another tune coming out with John Newman.

John Newman with heat radio's Sarah Powell

"I feel fantastic about it. His voice is ridiculous and he's a lovely guy.

"There's a lot going on and it's a fun time."


Tune into Ryan Seacrest's show on heat radio from 2pm today to hear the full interview.

Did you know that Calvin Harris is not Calvin's real name? Find out what his mother calls him here.

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