Seven celebrities who can't sing ‘Despacito’ (besides Justin Bieber)

It’s obvious that Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's track "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber has been ~slaying~ the charts lately.

The song was a hit in Spanish-speaking countries long before it made its way here, but Biebs took on the project and the whole thing blew up.

And while he sound srsly sexy singing those Spanish lyrics it became apparent that Justin Bieber miiiiight not actually know lyrics to the smash hit, or indeed any Spanish whatsoever when a video of him went viral singing 'I don’t know the words so I say dorito.'

Muy Bueno, Justin.

It's important to note that the lyrics are pretty tricky even for a native Spanish speaker. Luis has backed Bieber up on this one, saying, "Listen, 'laberinto' and 'manuscrito' are big words for us Spanish speakers. So imagine for someone who doesn't speak Spanish?"

The level of difficulty, however, has not stopped other artists in the biz from trying their hand at the song. From Demi Lovato to The Backstreet Boys, these celebrities struggle in their own special ways when trying to sing the song — even when they sound otherwise flawless.

Maybe we should just leave the Spanish lyrics to Luis and Daddy Yankee…

We have compiled some of your fave celebs trying to do what Justin simply can't… sing his Spanish verse in "Despacito"!

Ansel Elgort

The Fault in Our Stars actor was put on the spot and asked to sing "Despacito" karaoke during an interview with SensaCine. He has his Baby Driver co-star next to him, Eiza Gonzalez, who has mastered the Spanish lyrics far better than Ansel.

Demi Lovato

Oh Demi, you never fail to amuse. Need we remind you of the time she said her favourite 'dish' was a nice, comfy mug?

Well, now we have.

Demi gives "Despacito" a try while getting glammed up on Snapchat. While she starts off super strong, but, another one falls at the first hurdle. Sorry Demi. Still cute tho.


The rising K-Pop boy band won the award for Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Awards and ironically enough, Justin Bieber had held the title for the past couple of years. They've tried singing his hit "Despacito" too, but it didn't work out quite as successfully as they probably would have hoped. They have a great sense of humour about it, though!

They find it almost as funny as Justin does.

Aren't they adorbs?!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie doesn't even really try to sing the lyrics at all. No really, like her mouth doesn't even move. The beauty mogul puts in her best effort to finish the second half of the single word "despacito," but that’s about as far as she dares to venture.

She certainly gets an A for effort when it comes to dancing and blocking out her make-up artist though.


Carson Lueders

Teenage Youtube sensation (ring any bells?) Carson is just learning Spanish and, even though he tries to sing the lyrics, his accent is a bit off and he only gets through the first line of the non-English words. It really is difficult, you guys!


Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys are put to the test when they are asked to sing "Despacito" karaoke style. It's incredibly comical and we think they should just stick to the oldies like "As Long As You Love Me."

NB: outfits, true to form, are still terrible.

Asher Angel

Disney Channel star of Andi Mack Asher tried his voice at "Despacito" and, even though his voice sounds heavenly and his guitar playing skills are on point, he really struggles with pronouncing the Spanish words correctly.

Solid try, even if he is smaller than his guitar!

Article originally from J-14

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