Exclusive vid: Collabro talk us through their new album Home

Remember Collabro off of Britain's Got Talent? Won back in 2014? Voices like actual spun silver dipped in sweet, sweet honey? Really-rather-aesthetically-appealing? Well they're back with a brand new album. It's called Home, it's out Friday March 3rd and it's an absolute DREAM.

A lot's changed since 2014. Five ordinary-boys-come-opera-stars became four (but what they lost in a member they gained in Michael's muscles, JESUS) and the fellas casually became a global name touring everywhere from Oxford to Osaka. So what've they got to say about their new record, then?

Well we've only gone and got our paws on an exclusive Home track-by-track video thingy, haven't we? Lucky devils.

The album features loads of faves from Jamie, Michael, Tom and Matt. Beauty and the Beast, anyone? A bit of Don't Rain on My Parade? Basically it's bloody brilliant, but don't take our word for it.

Here's the boys themselves to give us a little commentary. BEHOLD:

Don't forget to pre-order the album on Apple Music here and pick up a copy on Amazon over here. Hoorah.


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