7 reasons why we loved Farr Festival

We at heat are coming to the crushing realisation that summer’s over. We wore a winter coat to work today. It is August.

Given how lit this summer’s been, though, we don’t really give a shit.

Festival season’s reaching its last weeks – and it’s been SO BLOODY GOOD.

One of our highlights was Farr, an electronic music festival located in Hertfordshire. It took place between 13 – 16 July 2017, and we had an absolute blast.

Here’s why.

It’s in the actual woods

If you’ve ever wanted channel your inner Effy from Skins circa 2010 and have a full-on rave in the woods (minus the Bristolian poachers), then you need to go to Farr.

Most of the stages are located in Bygrave Wood, which stand right next to the main area – meaning you can watch the sun come up through the trees after a night of partying. It was bloody lovely.

It’s the perfect length…

We like to pretend we’re hardcores who go for weeks on end without sleep, but does anyone else feel like Glastonbury et al are increasingly feeling like brutal endurance tests?

Or are we just getting old?

For those to whom the sheer length of traditional festivals are just a bit overwhelming, Farr could be for you. Music starts on Thursday and finishes at 6AM on the Sunday morning – meaning it isn’t quite such a commitment.

And you’re less likely to return home smelling like a dead shrew after six days with no shower.

And the perfect size

Being a relatively small festival (of about 6,000 people), if you lose your friends you can actually find them again in the next little bit of time – madness!

And walking from one end to the other isn’t akin to trotting off to Mordor. This means you get considerably less worn out in the day (Farr made us seriously realise just how testing walking miles in the mud every day at past festivals has been).

There’s still loads to do in the day

Because of the aforementioned timings and size, you’d be forgiven for assuming day activities would be compromised – but this isn’t the case at all.

Hip Hop Yoga and gin mixology masterclasses are just a couple of the eclectic examples of daytime activities you can indulge in at Farr, which brings us to the best bit…


Have you ever heard a more exciting phrase than ‘hot tubs at a festival’? Has there ever been a better hangover cure than simply sliding into an open air hot tub on a warm summer’s day? The answers to both those questions is, obviously, no.

For just £25 you get a 50 minute session and glass of prosecco.

You'll discover loads of new artists

Farr is predominantly an electronic rather than live music festival, with a line-up full of up and coming and lesser known DJs – meaning there’s huge scope to discover new music.

We’d recommend not sticking rigidly to a timetable and wandering round exploring the stages (at least during the day) to see what you can discover.

Its location

The festival is located about 40 minutes from London King's Cross if you go by train, making it ridiculously easy to get to - the site itself is just a short shuttle bus ride from Baldock station.

Farr, we'll see ya next year.

(Pictures: Here & Now)

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