Harry Styles takes Apple Music behind the recording of his album

Is it Monday yet or--?

Harry Styles debut album's gonna be next level brilliant, is it not? Sign of the Times somehow got even better with the video, we had a tendancy to physically weep to Sweet Creature in the shower and we'd quite like a giant canvas of the artwork in our living room, just above the sofa.

So thank HEAVENS his first solo record's finally gonna be in and around our oh-so-patient ear canals this Friday. And ahead of its full release on May 15th, our friends over at Apple Music have released a fancy behind-the-scenes making-of-the-album teaser thing.


Harry Styles: Behind the Album premieres ONLY on Apple Music next Monday (May 15th) and promises to be an 'in-depth look at the making of his first solo album.'

We're talking recording sessions in Jamaica. We're talking Harry hanging out in Abbey Road studios. We're talking about an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE MAN HIMSELF, for crying out loud.

Get downloading and/or streaming the album on Apple Music this Friday and make sure the 15th's in your diary, yeah?

LOOK, here's a fancy trailer.

Harry Styles: Behind the Album's available Monday May 15th only on Apple Music.


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