FIRST LOOK: Honey G's music video

North Weezy repping, shade sporting, feather ruffling, self-proclaimed ‘realest chick in the game' Honey G is here to stay, despite being booted off in the semi-finals. Oh and Professor Green, fellow contestant Ryan Lawrie and some The X Factor fans not liking her v. much at all.

Come on guyzzz. Remember when she wrote an ADORBS letter to her pals including Emily Middlemas? When Saara Aalto called her an inspiration? When a prankster came onto stage and grabbed her mic, yet she kept her cool and continued to ooze Honey G magic?

We knew you'd be won over ;)

Honey's new song, to be released on the 23rd of December, is called 'The Honey G Show' and was debuted during The X Factor final last week. Yeah a contestant who came 5th in the competition, two weeks later shared the stage with The Weekend and Louis Tomlinson. How is that for utter balls. ‘Fake it till you make it’, right?

If you were at a Christmas party that weekend, be rest assured the single was a banger and definitely a song you would get your Granny to jiggle to as you're pulling crackers with a gob full of Brussels sprouts on December 25th.

Honey told The Sun, 'It's basically a really really fun track it's really wicked.' Oooh er. Wicked you say? We want it now.

Luckily, Honey G released a sneaky peaky delve into what her swanky new video will look like. Lots of pizazz and swag by the looks of things. Here is some behind the scenes footage, which first appeared on Lorraine's show.


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