Kanye West enlists Kim Kardashian's fans' help to name album

It's been three years in the making but it seems as though Kanye West still can't decide on the name of his next album.

You know, the one that's due out next week.

Last night, Kim Kardashian, the rapper's wife, took to Twitter to enlist her followers' input in naming the new long player.

"Which album title do you guys like better?" she asked, tagging in Kanye.

"Swish or Waves?"

OR, throwing a different name into the mix - So Help Me God.

Although heat would respectfully like to submit another option: Yeesuz: The Second Coming.

Or maybe just The Seventh Coming, what with it being Kanye's seventh album. Maybe we'll start a poll (we probably won't).

Kanye's album is due out on 11 February with a typically understated launch feauturing a live broadcast to theatres around the world of a performance of the album in Madison Square Gardens. Plus a fashion show of his new designs - Yeezy Season 3.

Hang on - if they haven't decided on a name yet, how will they do they cover art?

Maybe it'll just be a big picture of Kanye's head. We're down with that.

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