Katy Perry announces brand new album Witness

Oh, and there's a tour

Katy Perry only chucked the Bon Appétit video on the internet a couple of days ago, but she's already gone and announced her brand-spankin-new album Witness AND a tour like it ain't no thang.

We weren't expecting album news so soon tbh, but after Katy teased an announcement on her socials via a crytpic blinking eye GIF we have proper details of her fourth album and tour dates.

All in time for Glastonbury next month, too. Hoorah.

Katy announced the rather exciting news on her socials, saying: "WITNESS THE ALBUM! THE TOUR! IT'S ALL HAPPENING!"

The album's gonna be released on June 9th, may or may not (probably does) include that Witness track there's a demo of and the current tour dates can all be found over on her official site. There are too many to type out tbh.



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