Liam Payne's solo music is 'pure dance pop' and could be here IMMINENTLY

We are v. excited

Liam Payne has been a very busy boy of late, has he not?

From living in a little love bubble with his beloved Cheryl and their newborn baby boy to working very hard on his solo debut post-One Direction. Let's not forget the 61992726 Instagram selfies with cryptic AF captions he posts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And from what we can decipher from Liam's Insta hints and various comments from music professionals, his solo music - that has been described as 'next level' - could be here as soon as next month.


According to a recent Pop Crave tweet, Liam's music is 'pop' and 'showcases his killer voice’.


Record producer Ryan Tedder, who has been working with Liam on a dance track, said: "His stuff is spectacular. Liam is pop, and doing it in a fantastic fashion. He has a killer voice."

And to get you even more excited, Liam has been meeting up with award-winning songwriter Ed Drewitt (who's worked with One Direction, Little Mix AND Olly Murs) on the reg.

Liam posted an arty AF Insta snap of himself and Ed hanging out and fans and eagled-eyed fans are coming to the conclusion that they MUST be working on new tracks together.

They could just be having a catch-up and a coffee, no?

And even though Liam has been delighting fans with his Instagram activity over the past two weeks, he's still keeping PAINSTAKINGLY quiet over his son since his birth, choosing to keep him out of the limelight and sharing nothing but that initial announcement Instagram.

A source told heat recently that Cheryl could happily stay in her 'love bubble' forever: "Emotionally, Cheryl's the best she's ever been. She and Liam are head-over-heels in love, both with their baby and each other.

"She's taken to motherhood so naturally. People around her were telling her about all the hurdles she'd face, but they haven't happened yet. Obviously, she knows it's not always going to be easy, but so far it's a dream."


Is Liam Payne giving us a peek into his life as a dad on Instagram?

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