Marcel Somerville's releasing his debut single VERY SOON

Today's a great day

Marcel Somerville's got a lot going on rn, hasn't he? As if touring the UK as those Love Island-types do, releasing his first book Dr. Marcel's Little Book of Big Love and reuniting with Blazin' Squad wasn't enough, he's releasing his debut solo single VERY SOON.

'Very soon' meaning this Friday August 11th.

We don't know too much about the track as yet, but we do know that it's called Someone and was written and produced by the man himself. Talented little sausage.

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According to the press release thingy, the track 'combines house beats with catchy vocal hooks and is an instant summer smash.' At least that should cheer us up despite the fact the weather's absolute shite, eh? IT'S STILL SUMMER ALRIGHT? DR. MARCEL SAYS SO.

This news comes after (seven of the original ten) Blazin' Squad boys announced they'll be playing a big one-off reunion gig at London's KOKO on November 26th. Chatting on Good Morning Britain, Marcel said: "I wanted to do something with the boys, because I came out [of Love Island] and there was loads of love and a lot of the fans were supporting me in there. I wanted to do something for them."

Oh, and if you fancy catching Marc on tour you can do so at any of the following venues on any of the following dates. There are too many to type, so this will have to make do.

Hurry up, Friday.


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