Megan McKennna wins award for best newcomer

She’s proved her “doubters” wrong

So we’re all kinda obsessed with Megan McKenna’s music ATM.

Her hit single, High Heeled Shoes, shot to number 1 on the iTunes chart, followed closely by the more emotional tune Far Cry from Love.

And now Megan has won an award! Last night she attended the second annual Boisdale Music Awards, which were hosted by Jools Holland in London.

THEN later in the evening she took to social media to announced that she’d in fact won an award there: best newcomer.

Megan uploaded a pic to Twitter of her holding her framed award, captioned: "O M G! I just won The Best Newcomer award!!! Now THIS is being hung on my wall! What a mad week..... bring on the future #joolsholland".

Megan attended the awards with her boyfriend Pete Wicks – they’ve had a rocky path, but she recently confirmed their relationship is better than ever.

She told The Sun Online: “I literally can't believe it. This is so amazing. I'm just so happy that people are respecting me for my music. I'm just so happy right now. It's been the best week ever for me, I can't get my head around it.

"To be able to win people over with my music and my talent means everything... prove my doubters wrong."

She also said she’s keen to record more music and even go on to do a tour. Going from reality TV star to country singer is an unusual transition – but seems like Megan’s doing pretty well with it.


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