WATCH: Mollie King's Hair Down video's here, everybody

Friday feels

With the charts being so frickin' male-dominated right now, it's probably about time we had an injection of girl power. Dua Lipa's just nabbed a number 1 with New Rules, and now Mollie King off of Strictly Come Dancing and The Saturdays is giving it a shot with her balls-to-the-wall new single Hair Down.

Yup - before she hits the dancefloor on the BBC telly show in a couple of weeks, Mollie's provided the perfect soundtrack for our post-summer slump. She's teamed up with producer-types Xenomania, it's a banger and we're pretty sure the 'na-na-na' hook will be stuck in our heads for eternity.

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Chatting to Official Charts Company about the sassiest song we've heard in yonks, Mollie explained: "I feel like [it] represents me and what my album and stage show will be like: super pop, really feel-good, something you can listen to on a night out and have a fab time.

"I hope people literally do let their hair down to it."

Well you can't argue with that, can ya? It's basically a Friday night out in 3 minutes and 35 seconds. Check out the oh-so-colourful vid below, if you fancy. It's brilliant.

Can we get a performance of this on Strictly, or--?


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