Original Busted line-up releases first track in 12 years with Coming Home

Charlie Simpson is back in the band

Busted fans! This is exciting news for you to digest with the balls in your head called eyes - the boys, including Charlie Simpson, are BACK with their first new song in over a decade.

The pop-rock trio went their separate ways 12 years ago, with their last song to chart being the double A-side Thunderbirds / 3AM in 2004.

But the Charlie, Matt Willis and James Bourne have released a new song to download for free as a special thanks to fans.

The track is called Coming Home to mark their return and they gifted it to fans on Twitter, writing: “We wrote #ComingHome just for you - the fans who have been with us since the beginning.”

The tune sounds pretty different from the band’s previous style and shows they have matured during their time away.

Lovers of Busted were quick to respond to the group’s Twitter announcement, with Matt’s television presenter wife and number one fan Emma Willis, writing: “Love this song… #cominghome.”

Another follower tweeted: “Perfect new song @Busted love it.”

And someone else posted: “Just listed to @Busted new song Coming Home. It’s good and different to what I expected. Look forward to hearing more new songs.”

Busted frontman Charlie brought the group’s time to an end when he walked away from his bandmates in 2005.

He recently spoke out, explaining his decision, and said he was ready to make music with James and Matt again.

Charlie told Kerrang!:” I was close to getting depressed as you could ever get, and I was worried I might turn to drink or drugs.”

He left Busted at the height of their success and decided to pursue a career with his metal band Fightstar instead.

Charlie explained: “It was really nothing to do with Matt and James, though. It was just I had to do Fightstar.”

But he is pleased to be working with his pals again, even though he wouldn’t have predicted a reunion a few years ago.

After announcing their comeback in October, he said: “It’s about the process… about three years ago Matt and James came around to my house.

“They rang me up like, ‘Hey, do you mind if we pop round?’ and I was like, ‘Sure’, even though at that point I hadn’t heard from them in ages and ages.

“They said they wanted to do Busted again. But in my head, I still thought I’d never do that again, and I was committed to doing my solo stuff. But - and this is important - we ended up having a really, really good time.”

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