The Spice Girls aren’t actually called GEM, btw

Mel B REALLY doesn't like it.

When Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown announced a Spice Girls spin-off we screamed with excitement.

It then followed that the trio were called GEM.

It’s not quite Spice Girls but it does have major ‘90s feels. And it of course makes sense given that it’s their initials.

But it turns out that GEM was never actually their official name.

And Mel B in particular really DOESN’T like it.

She says that the name GEM was actually just coined by the media and she’s just glad she doesn’t live in the UK so doesn’t have to hear it being said all the time.


She told Press Association: ‘There is no GEM, I don’t know why journalists keep on saying that. It’s Geri, Melanie and Emma, I don’t know why they put it together as GEM.”

“I don’t live here so it’s fine by me, I don’t have to hear it every day, but I’m sure they hear it every day,” she added.

So Geri, Melanie and Emma it is then…

Bit of a mouthful though isn’t it?

They’ve not yet officially released any new music as a trio, but a track – called Song For Her – leaked online in November and it sparked rumours that the girls could be setting their sights on performing at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

PLEASE let this be true.

While Victoria Beckham declined the opportunity to revive the Spice Girls as we remember then, she slipped back into her Posh Spice persona on New Year's Eve to sing one of the Spice Girls’ biggest hits with Mel C.

And it was a great moment that our inner ‘90s selves will cherish.

The mini-reunion was everything we needed to kick off 2017, but it did leave us nostalgic.

Come on Victoria and Mel C - please join Geri, Melanie and Emma.

Look how good you are together!

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