Steps have been working with ABBA on their comeback album

For real.

Steps got our 2017 off to a pretty fabulous start with their 20th anniversary reunion concert at G-A-Y on New Year's Eve. Since then we've been wanting more, and it looks like more is what we'll be getting.

After the success of their NYE concert, Claire Richards, Ian Watkins (H), Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee and Lee Latchford-Evans, have announced plans to release a brand new album and head out on an arena tour later on in 2017.


And Steps have roped in the big dogs to help make their new album a huge hit. They're teaming with Benny and Bjorn from Abba, who have penned a 'special track' for the 90s pop group.

Speaking to The Sun, Lisa revealed: "We’ve always had that comparison with Abba so it’s amazing to work with Benny and Bjorn.

"When we heard the special album track they gave to us we said, ‘that’s perfect’.

"It’s a bridge to where we were and it moves on nicely to where we’re taking the new music."

The track is called Story of a Heart and will feature on their comeback album, Tears On The Dancefloor.

The first single, Scared Of The Dark will be released this Friday and we've heard rumours of a brand new dance routine. We're hoping there's a tribute to some vintage steps moves thrown in.

Faye told the newspaper: "We’re just what everyone needs right now.

"People are ready for something a little bit more happy, upbeat and pop. What pop used to be. I think it’s good timing.”

Some good, clean nineties pop fun is just what we need right now, ngl.


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