OH LORDY Taylor Swift's just dropped another new single

We were definitely NOT ready for it

We're still reeling from the absolute bombshell dropped by Taylor Swift when she unleashed the first single from her new album Reputation onto the world a couple of weeks ago.

Pretty much everyone was (and still is) talking about Look What You Made Me Do and all the possible hidden meanings laced into the lyrics and the (kinda creepy) music video.

(Check out some of the reactions here, btw)

And while we're still trying to digest all the epic shade-throwing in Taylor's combeback hit. She's only gone and dropped another banger.

Yep, the second offering from Reputation is almost upon us and we'd have been none the wiser if we hadn't spotted this world exclusive teaser on Twitter.

She teasted the new single Ready for It on ABC before kick off at an American Football match between Florida State and Alabama.

And then Taylor took to her own Instagram to tease us even more.

The FULL track - which is much less, erm, angry than LWYMMD is also available to stream on Spotify. But if you want to buy it, and have a tiny little piece of 2017 Tay Tay with you at all times, you're going to have to wait until the full album's released.

In the meantime, here are some reactions to the new track on Twitter.

So far so good, tbh.

What did you think of Taylor Swift's new track? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.


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