Are these two X Factor finalists making music together?

Ooooh pls

Is it just us or is January dragging slowly AF? We're so done with this month and dreaming of a hot (probably averagely mild) English summer.

It feels like Christmas and, most importantly, The X Factor final were 4104810 years ago, but actually it's only been about 6.5 weeks.

6.5 weeks since Saara Aalto narrowly missed out on the top spot as Matt Terry was crowned the winner (with the help of an epic winner's single thanks to Ed Sheeran).

And now we’ve heard some bloody great news, as the two X Factor finalists could be releasing some new music TOGETHER.

Yup. An ode to Simon Cowell, perhaps?

Speaking to heatworld about new music and the possibility of working with any of her X Factor co-stars, Saara explained: "I mean I've been talking with Matt about doing something.

"Maybe a special YouTube video for our fans together, we would definitely want to do that. I think our fans would love it."

We would!

Saara also revealed that she still keeps in contact with her X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne.

"I've been texting with Sharon and Louis [Walsh] also, as well as Matt and some other contestants, too.

"Of course we have the tour coming up, so we're all going to spend one month just having fun."

Sounds ideal, Saara hun.

In between all the fun, Saara has also been crazy busy since the X Factor. With a recording contract in the UK and Finland and recently signing a five-album deal, the singer has been back and forth non-stop and working on new music.

Saara has had to put any wedding plans with her fiancé Meri Sopanen on hold as her music career takes off. She even has a camera crew following her for a new TV show.

"Right now there's a Finnish TV channel following my life for the next eight months and it's going to be very interesting. They're going to make one or two episodes, like documentary, on my next eight months in London and about my career. Hopefully it will be shown in Britain as well."



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