Zayn Malik's new music video's NSFW. But watch it anyway.

BOOBS, God forbid

Zayn Malik aka ZAYN and PARTYNEXTDOOR's Still Got Time is that spring/summer bop; so it's probably about time we got a music video for it. And since Zayn's always surprising us with his visuals (see: Gigi Hadid popping up for a very public PDA in PILLOWTALK) the thought he'd go one step further with his latest.

We're talking a flash of boob. We're talking some rather suspicious-looking cigarettes. We're talking GENERAL RAUCOUS GOINGS-ON FILMED IN A '90S VHS STYLEE.

Not a great deal happens in the video tbh, but a few things we can take from it are:

  • Zayn Malik likes smoking. We're not gonna speculate what he likes smoking, but he does like it.
  • Zayn has really long eyelashes. They're delightful.
  • Someone should probably invest in a proper camera and/or the latest iPhone. The quality is, as we believe they call it, wack.
  • This is probably an insight into Zayn's day-to-day life, and we're cool with that.

'Ave a watch:

Lovely. Ready for the album now, pal.


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