Love Island's Tyne-Lexy spills on the villa's mean girls and game players

She didn't hold back...

If you haven't seen last nights Love Island (what else would you be doing???) then we're about to reveal a major spoiler: Tyne-Lexy was dumped from the Island.

Ok, it's not that major, we kinda saw it coming. But while her time in the villa was short and sweet, she did get all the goss on our fave islanders.

Speaking to Caroline Flack on Love Island's After Sun, she spilled SO MUCH TEA on who the villa mean girls and game players are.

Surprise surprise, she thinks the biggest game player is Chris. Maybe because he went after every girl in there and on the first night??

But the biggest shocker came when she brought up Jess & Dom. She said: "Jess and Dom, from how I feel, they're working in the villa because they kind of take the mummy and daddy role and they kind of like that status in there, but in the outside world I think they'd clash massively.

That wasn't all she had to say about Jess, who along with Olivia is supposedly one of the villa mean girls.

She spilled: "Sometimes, with Jess and Olivia, it's like going back to senior school when there were two girls that just weren't very nice to people."


She continued: "I can handle myself. But sometimes it gets you down a little bit."

Of course, there's two sides to every story, but we can't help feeling a bit sorry for Tyne. At least now she's out she can focus on herself and her inevitable Insta career.

Miss Pap are probably already on the phone...


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