15 times you were a dog at Crufts 2017

Who knew an arena full of dogs could be so relatable

Crufts 2017 has come to an end and, as with every year, we had no idea what was going on but really enjoyed looking at loads of dogs. There was Olly, the Jack Russell who lost his shit during the agility and became the dog of a billion memes.

There was the dog that ran around in a circle at about 90 mph ignoring all the jumps, and another who didn't want to jump, because he needed to scratch goddammit. There was also a dog called Alan.

We at heat see ourselves in these dogs. For what is life if not a series of agility tests? And don't we all sometimes want to stop and just have a nice sit/ear-scratch sometimes?

Here are 15 times the Crufts dogs were actually us (and, indeed you).

That time you tried high fashion for a day.

When you just remembered that you've locked the keys in the house.

When Anaconda comes on.

When he doesn't call but you're fine with it actually.

When someone opens a packet of minstrels.

When there are rumours the TV show you're halfway through is about to get axed.

When you drink three bottles of wine, misjudge the tone horribly and try to snog your friend.

When you're way more into this than Rachel and Alan.

When you're on the bus and see your ex on the pavement.

"Oh sure, I'd love to go to the reading of your new play Susan."

When you're not like other girls

When the hairdresser's pulled a shocker but you're too nice to say anything.

When you try and look professional in a work-based photo

When you're not SURE but you think you've probably slept through all your alarms

When you realise you're a dog.

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