A look back at 2016's best reality TV


The proclamation that 2016 has been an absolute shitter has become almost as clichéd as the saying that The X Factor IS A FIX. But we're here to turn all your frowns upside down.

We know - WE KNOW - there are a whole load of reasons why the year of Brexit and Donald Trump was an absolute nightmare we'll try not to think of again once we've drunkenly welcomed in 2017, but we can't sit idly by and allow these to overshadow all the wonders to come out of this year.

And by wonders, we mean things that happened on the telly.

Because, in the context of reality TV, 2016 has been arguably the best year of our lives.

And here's why.

We met Honey G

Before 2016 happened, Anna Guilford was just a regular recruitment agency owner from Harrow, but now she's the best rapper to ever come out of north Weezy. Why? Because 2016 was absolutely mad and she nearly became an X Factor finalist.

If you wanna see the full rundown of why we love Honey G, click here, but (in a nutshell) she put a smile on our faces week after week. And wasn't it great to see someone living their actual dream? We reaaaally don't get all the hate. She had quite the definition of The X Factor.

And TBH, The X Factor generally was the best it's ever been

Honey G wasn't the only magical thing about this year's X Factor. We're gonna call it – it was the best series to have ever been.

(Apart from maybe that one with Matt Cardle and One Direction).

For starters, the judging panel was on point. We can probably all agree that last year was a bit of a disaster, and bringing back Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne (NOT FORGETTING DERMOT O'LEARY) was a bloody fantastic move.

Not forgetting the fact that it was more porky than your average pork pie, and by far the most sexually charged pre-watershed family show we've EVER SEEN.

There was the rumour that the welcome party was some sort of mega orgy (which we still to this day pray is true), there was the claim that Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie had been bonking all over the stairs of the contestant house, AND THEN it came out that one of Brooks Way was ALLEGEDLY secretly boning one of Four of Diamonds. AND it was claimed that Sam Lavery had been getting down to it with Nathan Lewis from 5 After Midnight in a cupboard.

Celebs Go Dating became a thing

Before 2016, we kinda thought TV had peaked at Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother and The X Factor. But then a frankly bizarre programme about celebrities dating random drunk, burping members of the public came to our attention. And we realised we were wrong.

The brainchild of that secret fitlord Love Island voice-over man (so it was obviously going to be amazing), Celebs Go Dating not only provided us with probably THE most entertaining show of the year (we miss you, Marlene), but also the realisation that we have a massive crush on Tyger Drew-Honey.

He's grown up since Outnumbered ;););).

Celebrity Big Brother was just…

There are no words for either series of Celebrity Big Brother that happened this year. No. Words. At. All.

At the start of the year, there was the Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis saga. And we all know what happened there.

Then came Stephen Bear, who bounded into the house, pissed everyone off, made some sexy noises in the loo with Chloe Khan, and basically provided the most exciting month of telly we've ever seen.

Could a series EVER top that again, we ask you? We'll find out when it starts again on 3 January.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Was just pretty darn pleasant

Reality TV has a bad rep. We can't fathom why on earth it does, but there it is. And this year's I'm A Celebrity did an absolutely stellar job of proving that our fave telly doesn't always have to be fraught with drama and arguments (see above Stephen Bear) and can actually be a relaxing experience for all involved.

Plus we all fell a bit weirdly in love with Larry Lamb.

Love Island happened


We got introduced to Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde, fell in love with basically everyone, became solid #TeamZara warriors when those horrid people stole her crown for having sex, and watched a hell of a lot of porking.

But by far the best thing about it is that a load of the couples are STILL TOGETHER. Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, Nathan and Cara, Alex Bowen (SEE HIS PEEN HERE) and Olivia Buckland, and Terry Walsh and Emma Woodhams are still going strong.

2016, it's been a pleasure. In this very specific respect, anyway.

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