5 lovely festive things to do quickly before Christmas Day

Hands up if you’ve still not done anything Christmassy yet?

Christmas is SO close we can almost taste it.

(Nothing to do with the fact we’ve been stuffing our faces with chocolates and cakes and whatever we can get our hands on since December 1st. Because Christmas.)

And in the run up to the most wonderful time of the year, there are always tonnes of nice things to do.

There are huge fairgrounds, Christmas markets, pubs, days out, grottos, ice rinks – but how can you possibly do it all when some of us are working right until the last knockings and won’t leave the office until Friday 23rd?!

Well, dear friends. This is where we come in.

We’ve rounded up the five BEST things to do as soon as you ruddy well can because time is running out and the only festive thing we’ve done is sob to Elf when it was on the telly on Sunday morning.

(Crying our eyes out at the end bit where they all sing. Thank you, hangover.)

If you haven’t managed to do anything Christmassy yet, you’ve still got three days to do something (four if you want to count tonight and so it doesn’t sound as bad.)

Here are the most WONDERFUL things that you can easily squeeze in before Sunday.

Ice Rink at Natural History Museum

Who DOESN’T want to skate around on a beautiful ice rink glittering with fairy lights and right next to some actual dinosaur bones? Exactly.

This gorgeous rink is open until 8th January, so even if you don’t manage to get there before Christmas day you still have loads of time to enjoy skating around one of the most gorgeous spots in London.

In fact, it gives you enough time to pop along a few times and practice those on-ice pirouettes.

Closed on 25 December. Buy tickets here.

The World’s Biggest Christmas Drive-In

Ever watched that scene from Grease and wished that we had drive-ins here in the UK? And then watched a Christmas film and thought how AMAZING it would be if you could do both at the same time?

Well, even if you hadn’t thought of it before, you’re thinking about it now and the answer is yes, it is an amazing idea, and one that some cleverclogs has already thought of.

If you fancy settling down and watching the greats such as The Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf or Home Alone from the comfort of your car, head to the biggest Christmas Drive-in at Old Trafford for a cosy festive evening.

Find out more here.

Brighton Christmas Markets

Even when it’s positively freezing on the coast, you need to pop along to the Brighton Christmas Markets and have a wander through the gorgeous seaside town, losing yourself in the laines and stumbling into the delightful Christmas market.

Until Christmas Eve, you’ll find about 20 super cute Christmas chalets selling their wares, food and drinks.

Find out more here.

The Peter Pan Panto (that Matt Terry was meant to be in)

Remember when Matt Terry was meant to be in a Christmas panto but then won The X Factor and had to be bought out of his contract?

Well, as they say in theatre land, the show must go on.

So why not head over to the Peter Pan panto at The Forum Barrow? The show is running until 30th December (and then you can say you met people who know Matt Terry, which is basically the same as knowing him yourself, right?)

Get tickets here

Carol Service at St Paul’s Cathedral

If hearing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is giving you too many dodgy flashbacks to what you wish you didn’t do at your work Christmas party, and you need to take a break from listening to Wham’s Last Christmas, head over to St. Pauls.

The gorgeous cathedral is running carol services and they’re just delightful. The perfect way to feel all warm and gooey inside (that isn’t related to too many jaegerbombs from the night before.)

Find out more here.

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