The BEST Christmas Gift Guide for teenage girls

(and things you'll secretly want for yourself, too)

Huurah! It’s Christmas! We are officially allowed to stuff our faces with chocolate and if we drink too much it’s OK because it’s festive and even our nans are knocking back the sherries.

But what about when it comes to buying presents for teenage girls?

That’s when things start getting a bit tricky.

When we were teenagers, there was no such thing as Instagram, we didn’t have a flipping clue about contouring, and as for cool room furnishings we had a Groovy Chick lamp that we clung onto until we were in our early twenties.

So what the hell do you buy a teenage girl in 2016? What do they even like? And what can you get them that’ll make YOU look cool?

Well, as ever, we’re here to make your job THAT much easier.

Whether you’ve got a niece/little sister/neighbour/just know a sixteen year old, we’ve got you covered.

(And some of these are so good that we actually want them for ourselves. So maybe you could share this link back with the teenager and highlight the bits you want.)

Retro Instant Camera

These cute cameras are easy to carry around, they come in a load of fun colours and they instantly print the pics like a good old instant camera. You can’t go wrong with this.

Fujifilm instax mini 8, £64.99

Urban Outfiitters x Ohh Deer Pencils

Slogans made a huge comeback this year (WOO thanks 90s revival) and what better way to say ‘Bite me’ than with a nice pencil?, £5

Tweexy Nail Varnish Holder Ring

If someone had thought of this a few years ago we’d have saved ourselves a lot of hassle and a LOT of nail varnish.

Firebox, £14.99

Cleo Four Drawer Jewellery Box

This simple jewellery box is the perfect mix of cool and practical.

Oliver Bonas, £72

Pocket Kim Wisdom

What would Kim say? “As long as they’re talking about me, honey,” Because sometimes, you just need a bit of a motivational pick up from the most social media savvy woman on the planet.

Hardie Grant Books, £5.99

Benefit B. Right On Skincare Gift Set

A lovely little set of some of Benefit’s best skincare products, including The Pore Fessional and Firm It Up.

Benefit, £29.50

Speech Bubble Wall Light

They’ll never forget an assignment date EVER again (because that’s definitely what they’ll use it for …)

John Lewis, £35.00

Laptop Stickers

A quick and easy way to brighten up any laptop.

Amazon, £7.99

Underwater Disco Lightshow

Something SO FUN that we have actually ordered one for ourselves, because it’ll perfectly complement our in-shower karaoke speaker.

Firebox, £7.99

Selfie Stand

She’ll never have to improvise with tonnes of books and random household items again – this selfie stand sticks onto the wall and provides the perfect back for a phone. Wonderful selfies are there for the taking.

Popsockets, £8.99

Emoji Socks

Everyone needs at least ONE pair of super comfy socks, so why not get a pair that positively SCREAM 2016.

Amazon, £6.99

Bubblewrap Calendar

We challenge you to try and find one person who doesn’t like popping bubble wrap. The good news is, you can do it every single day with this calendar., £22.72

Ticket Stub Book

Going to gigs is probably the biggest part of being a teenager, and this scrap book is a FAB way of keeping all their stubs in one place.

Amazon, £10

Mermaid Blanket

While everyone else is getting hygge, they'll be getting mermaid cosy (and if they’re big mermaid fans maybe take a look at THIS.)

Boohoo, £25

A5 2017 Diary

Typo is the Australian’s answer to Paperchase – and it’s WAY cooler.

Typo, £12

Statement Umbrella

Because we all know we aren’t gonna be seeing any sunshine again for at least six months.

Lulu Guinness, £32

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