A slogan adorned gift guide for everyone in your life this Christmas


Everyone loves gifts. Everyone loves slogans. So what could be better that a gift WITH A SLOGAN ON IT? Whether it’s a sassy slogan tee for your best mate or a shady slogan beanie for your frenemy (we have a whole separate guide for that ‘friend’), everyone will love your hilarious and super stylish gifts this Christmas.

Have a scroll and see if you can find the perfect gift for that special slogan loving someone…

Slogan cushion cover for your best mate

Because you want her home décor to be as personalised as possible and if anything screams ‘best mate’ more it’s a swearing unicorn

I'm a fucking unicorn covers £8.99

OR a slogan sweatshirt if you really want to splash out

Like, how are we meant to know she likes carbs and cuddles without it?

Pizza Sweatshirt £28

Slogan mug for your boyf

Isn’t it just perfect for him!

Dickhead Mug £10

Slogan pencils for your teen sister

These super cute pencils are perfect for any little sister whose still young enough to be in school but old enough to pass a ‘bite me’ pencil passive aggressively.

Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer Pencils £5

Or this cute slogan pencil case…

Your little sis will be the sassiest girl in school.

Slogan pencil case £9

Slogan beanie for your younger brother

Because teens are the only ones still using #squadgoals not ironically, and you want your little brother to look as cool as possible in front of his friends…

ASOS Beanie £7.00

Slogan jumper for your dad

text Because no dad is complete without a ridiculous jumper with a typical dad joke on.

Dad hoodies £17.99

Slogan wine glass for your mum

Is your mum even your mum if she doesn’t refer to 9pm (or 11am, we don’t judge) as wine o’clock?

Personalised Wine O' Clock Glass £19.99

Slogan mousepad for your internet averse Grandma

You could always make a personalised one instead with your very own slogan, maybe "Nan get off Facebook"

Retirement Mouse Pad £9.10

Slogan cap for your Grandad

Help him embarrass you in public with this cute cap.

Top Grandpa Cap £12.40

Slogan flask for your favourite alcohol lover

Our favourite slogan of all time, in fact we’re pretty sure this is going on our Christmas list.

Slogan Hip Flask £20

Slogan makeup bag for the make-up addict in your life

There’s never been a more suitable time to say "It’s just so true" about a slogan. We also have a whole list of things to help you out with this mate.

Slogan Makeup Bag £12.99

Slogan phone case for your basic bitch cousin

It’s just so festive yet so deep. Might want to give her this one on the side though, not sure your nan wants to hear the explanation of why this is "so her". Too many basic bitches to buy for? Check out our entire gift guide!

Skinny Dip Phone Case £14

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