BNTM is back! Let’s Remember Some of Our Favourite Winners and Losers of Times Past

Get ready gals, Britain’s Next Top Model is back! CYCLE ELEVEN! CYCLE ELEVEN! We can hardly control ourselves. We’re so excited, a little bit of wee may have just come out. Soz.

We’re bracing ourselves for tuning into Lifetime at 9pm on the 16th March, ready with our popcorn and PJs for weeks of posing, bitching and sashaying down the catwalk. It’s like watching an office party cat fight unfold, but from the comfort of our own home. We’re also going to be discussing the show on the Heatworld Facebook every week on our BNTM Front Row show, which is going to go out straight after the show.

Where will they travel to? What killer put downs will feature? What funny one-liners? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

To tide us over until the opening episode, we’ve compiled a little list of our favourite contestants from seasons past:

Chloe Keenan

Let’s start with last year’s winner. This 22-year-old beauty’s bone structure had us grabbing at as many contouring brushes as our little hands could grasp.

Since winning the show, Chloe is absolutely bossing it at the model lifestyle. Represented by Models 1, she has already shot for Cosmopolitan magazine, was the face for a Head and Shoulders’ campaign in Boots stores across the UK, and schmoozed her way through some pretty cool A-list parties with the likes of Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz. Go on girl!

Abbey Clancy

Probably one of the most recognised is contestant-turned-head judge, Abbey Clancy, who is defo proof that it’s not all about coming in first place.

Her 2005 WAG-tastic look got her to second place in season two and she went from strength to strength after the show wrapped. She has walked many a catwalk and modelled in many a magazine: LOVE, Esquire and Marie Claire, to name a few. Who remembers her Sports Illustrated shoot in 2010? Talk about FYAHH.

The mum of two is still looking as hot as ever, often appearing on TV. She also won the 11th series of Strictly Come Dancing – how’s that for post-BNTM career? Pretty bloody fabulous.

Hannah Goodeve

Okay, so Hannah didn’t actually make it past the first episode of season 6, but we majorly girl crushed on her for that whole 60 minutes. Her speech in the closing minutes of the show, as she lay down her life (well, her opportunity to get to the next round), was like a modern day fairy tale. She was pretty close with Delita, who was in the bottom two with her, so this was ultimate friend goals.

In her closing interview, Hannah professed she wanted to be an English teacher. She then went on to say she would love to go abroad and teach, then work in broadcasting. You do you, boo.

Sophie Sumner

Sophie encountered her fair share of dramz in the BNTM season 5 house. She struggled in the first couple of eps and was accused of having a “bad attitude” and being a know it all. AWKS. However, that didn’t stop her from getting to the final two and owning her unique beauty.

Across the pond, Sophie took part in the British Invasion season of America’s Next Top Model and strutted her way to the top spot. Tyra Banks labelled her the “illuminata”, thanks to her personality that could light up a room (the Americans just got her). We wish Tyra would lovingly give us a name too…

Sophie has since modelled for Vogue Italia, released a single, acted in a film AND TV show and even guest judged part of the Miss Earth 2016 competition. Boy, has she been a busy lady.

Ashley Brown

Ashley was our Scottish spirit animal. Her cheery tones and quick-witted one liners were all of us, every day. Her deadpan mocking of a fellow contestant preaching to young girls about makeup, or yelling, “I was just worried about my g* flashing,” in the underwater shoot was refreshingly honest.

The best scene of the series has to be the food shoot though, where she would not contain her disgust and couldn’t stop gagging at the plate in front of her. Absolute GOLD.

These days, Ashley, owner of her own modelling school, fronts anti-domestic abuse campaigns, highlights the dangers of binge-drinking and is a mum to two pretty kick-ass kids (literally: they smashed it at the Open Taekwondo World Championships in 2015).

To follow this year’s bunch of 6-foot tall glamourzons, catch new Britain’s Next Top Model sponsored by Colgate, on Lifetime, Thursdays at 9pm. Keep up to date on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to watch the Front Row on Heat’s Facebook page on Thursdays at 10pm for all the latest goss from the show.

Heat was live at the launch of the new season. Check out the video below!

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