Send this QUIZ to your boyfriend and we'll find out what he wants for Christmas

Loads of our girly friends are thrilled with anything a) sparkly b) holographic c) expenny as f*ck - but men can be difficult. What do they want?! Socks?! Something David Attenborough on the cover? Us wrapped up in tinsel... JUST TINSEL?!

Of course we don't want to actually ask our boyfriends, because we are hella thoughtful and want it to be a surprise. We haven't found a way to hack into their brains yet (sigh) so we have found the next best thing. Get your boyfriend to fill out this quiz and then we will spend a good chunk of time* analysing the bar charts over at heat towers and bring you back the glorious results...

...What he ACTUALLY wants for Christmas. Now all you have to do is catch up on the new Gilmore Girls episodes and pour yourself a shitload of wine.

** Who are we kidding.

Heat magazine cover