The results are in! Here is what your boyfriend REALLY wants for Christmas

Boyfriends are tricky to buy for. With this in mind, we asked you to send our FUN quiz to him so we could tell you what he definitely wants for Christmas and what he definitely does not…

At heat HQ, we have been scurried away making fancy bar charts and graphs that our year 11 Maths teacher would have been thrilled with. Looking for correlations, adding, taking away-ing, all so you can get get your boyfriend a present he likes and NOT panic-buy a science book with David Attenborough on the front (true story).

So for the results! Dun dun dun. Are you ready? Course you are. The present a male would most like to receive from their significant other is a.....

... Day out or experience. Aaaaaaawh. How cute is that? Basically he wants to spend extra time with you and create cute memories together. Or heat’s alternatives weren't as enticing. Whatevz. In second place, was the 'sick timepiece' (aka a watch obv, just of the cooler variety) so there you have it. He either wants your time or to be able to see the time and both are very important indeed.

On to the subject of importance. What guys said they wanted out of their presents was 'usability.' The practical sods, eh.

Then the present that your boyfriend said he definitely doesn't want was Lynx Africa. Maybs because he still hasn't used the 10 sets he was gifted in 2012. Just a thought.

But remember, your boyfriend has the gift of YOU. He is the luckiest guy in the world already and any present from you is like the sprinkles of a glorious Freakshake.

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