You can now get Butterbeer marshmallows delivered to your door

This is not a drill

The world has gone crazy for Harry Potter memorabilia mash-ups lately, and we can’t get enough. Whether it’s Primark’s new HP themed gym gear (the only thing that can tempt us to work out) or the Sorting Hat scented candle which tells you which Hogwarts house you should be in, we’re obsessed. A bath just isn’t the same without Lush’s Harry Potter bath bomb.

All we needed was a Potter themed snack to munch on whilst re-watching Chamber of Secrets for the 110th time - and XO Marshallow have well and truly delivered. The Chicago-based marshmallow café (yep, a café dedicated to marshmallows is an actual thing), have come through with their latest creation – Butterbeer marshmallows.

Inspired by the wizarding world’s fave drink, the Butterbeer marshmallow is limited edition and only around until the end of September, so you need to move fast if you want to get your hands on some.

XO Marshmallow explained that their newest treat is “made with our homemade butterbeer sauce and tastes like butterscotch + rum + perfection,” which sounds AMAZE.

(Credit: XO Marshmallow)

XO Marshmallow is based in Chicago, but fear not, you don’t have to jet off to the States just to get hold of these Butterbeer bad boys as they do ship to the UK.

A box of 12 mallows costs $7.95, which sounds like a bargain to us, but with shipping fees costing around $29 as well as customs charges on top, this works out to be a pretty pricey treat. Perhaps save this one until pay day…

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