Hayley Pearce The Call Centre


The Call Centre's Hayley Pearce strips for ZOO magazine

The Call Centre has become must-watch TV and now Hayley Pearce the show's break out star (and tea lady) has done a sexy shoot for ZOO magazine...


The Call Centre has become must-watch TV, and it’s made a star out of tea lady Hayley Pearce.

Now she’s left her tea urn at home - literally, so no one at the call centre could steal it - at home and glammed up for a shoot with ZOO magazine (out now).

How did you find your ZOO shoot? I absolutely loved it! What girl doesn’t like to get glammed up? I’m just the call centre’s tea lady at the end of the day, but doing a ZOO shoot is an opportunity you just can’t turn down.

What do you think your colleagues will make of it? Obviously the guys are going to give me some banter. I’ve said I’ll put the shoot up on the wall in the office kitchen! I might as well, as everyone’s going to see it anyway. Nev just said to me, “Go for it, it’s a great opportunity.”

Tell us what Nev’s really like as a boss.
To me, he’s just normal. OK, maybe not normal – he’s different to other bosses – but that’s why I love him. Sometimes he does things and you feel embarrassed, but he’s not doing it to deliberately embarrass you: that’s just Nev. It can be a stressful job at times and he manages to keep up morale brilliantly.

You moved from being on the phones to the tea lady. Do you think people would stay on the line now they’ve seen this shoot?
Absolutely. People have been asking to speak to the tea lady already. I’ve asked if I can go back on the phones, but only part time. Just every now and then, not full on. I’ll never leave my job. I even took my tea urns home with me today…

Er, you took your urns home?
Yeah. I know people want my job so much, so I took them home on Friday night so no one would make the tea this week! Everyone is dying to do my job, and I love it so much, I’m protecting my urns at home.

Are you surprised just how funny everyone hasfound The Call Centre?
Everyone is saying our show is hysterical and I’m thinking, “Well, it’s not meant to be funny. That’s just us!” It’s mad, because it was originally just a documentary on call centre life, but now it’s turned into this total legend of a funny programme, and that’s mad. I never thought it was meant to be a comedy.

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