Christmas gift guide for your other half's family

Always a bit of a nightmare...

Of all the annoying Christmas presents you have to buy this month, your boyfriend's family is probably the worst. You’re in that that weird position where you want to impress them, but also you don’t have a f*cking clue whether his mum likes red or white wine.

Do you go down the typical bath salts route or do you splash out and show them you're perfect for their child? If you’re looking to the long term with your bf / gf, getting in with the family is the easiest way. So here are our top gift ideas to ensure you’ll be mentioned over Christmas dinner for years to come.

What to buy your other half's dad for Christmas

A magazine subscription

Do you find yourself staring into space as he tells you about the latest car show or fishing expedition he’s been on? PERFECT. Now you have an excuse to buy him a subscription to Practical Fishkeeping or Classic Cars. You do run the risk of inviting many more conversations about carp though, be prepared.


Find out his favourite band and there’s sure to be a vinyl out there somewhere for it. (NB: You're pretty much guaranteed to be safe with Pink Floyd).


If you’re really stuck for choice, you can’t go wrong with a massive bottle of his favourite alcohol. Not sure about that? Play it safe with a bottle of whiskey!

Sandal Socks


This is of course dependant on his ability to laugh at himself. Maybe don’t get these if you got together with ur bf in October and you’ve barely introduced yourself, but they’re a definite stocking filler if he’s up for a laugh.

Personalised football team history book


This is a MUST BUY if you want to make the history books yourself. What could be cuter than a history book of his favourite team? But DEAR GOD make sure you buy the right team, you don’t want to go down as the person who bought him a Manchester United book when he’s a born and bred Liverpool supporter.

Tickets to the next big sporting event for him and your boyfriend


Go all out and buy him a bonding experience with his son! Bag two gifts in one with this idea, although it could become a bit pricey!

What to buy your other half's mum for Christmas

A Personalised calendar


Cheap yet thoughtful? WINNER. Not only will this most likely make your other half's mum cry, but it also means you’re on the fridge for at least a year if it all goes to shit. Include their dog if you really want to make an impression. Vistaprint are also having 50% off sale right now so get on it fast and save those pennies!

Prosecco and chocolate


Need a quick and easy gift delivery? Prosecco and chocolate in one box from Hotel Chocolat can never fail! You could even throw in a bouquet of flowers to really take the cake. This is great for those super awk times when you’re only a month into the relationship and didn’t expect a gift, thank god for next day delivery!

Pamper day for you and her

Do you have one of those super close mother-in-law relationships and that most girls dream of? Book a pamper session at somewhere like Champneys and treat yourself too! If you’re not quite on that level, play it safe and book one for her and a friend. She’s most likely going take you anyway, so you can get newly manicured claws into the family forever.

Clinique gift set


A perfect way to play it safe if you know she loves makeup but you’re not sure what her colours are. Clinique sets are super mum friendly because they’re gentle on the skin and expensive enough for her to know you’re not a total cheapskate.

A bath gift set


This is the ultimate play-it-safe as far as gifts go. If you’re absolutely clueless about what she likes, go for the super luxurious Molten Brown. There’s no way she can’t love one of these sets.

What to buy your other half's sister for Christmas

Rose Gold bling headphones


Anything rose gold will be a hit this Christmas with sisters from 13-30! These super bling headphones are not only gorgeous, but also bound to have her wishing you were real sisters.

Benefit Makeup Gift Set


Is she a makeup addict? This set is a must have for any MUA wannabes. Not only does it include some of their best products, it’s great for younger girls and twenty-somethings alike.

Universal Selfie Ring LED Light


When you can’t afford to buy her a Lumee case, the selfie ring light is the next best gift! This is amazing for any selfie-obsessed teens. It will fit on any phone and provide the perfect light to give her that natural Snapchat filter look.

Frozen pyjamas


Are his siblings on the younger side? Frozen merchandise will always be a hit! Go all out and get them the doll if you really want them crying for you at bedtime.

What to buy your other half's brother for Christmas

Self-stirring mug


A subtle way to not only make your boyfriend's brother love you, but also let him know he’s the lazy one of the family. This stocking filler is perfect if you haven’t managed many conversations yet and you need something light-hearted yet AMAZING.

Personalised Beer Stern Tankard


If he’s between the ages of 18- 25, he’s bound to love this cheap but thoughtful gift. It’s just the right amount to spend on a jokey gift that will have him thinking you’re 'one of the lads' in no time.

Wireless headphones


Depending on how much you want to impress, you can spend anything from under twenty quid to hundreds on these. The memory of this gift is bound to keep him on your side during brotherly rants about how much of a nutcase you are.



Aftershave is a safe bet no matter how long you’ve been together. A year? Splash out and get some Calvin Klein. A month? Lash some Davidoff Cool Water in a gift bag and be done with it. You can find amazing deals on

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