Coca Cola bottles are getting a BRAND NEW LOOK for the summer

We love a Coca Cola makeover, we won’t lie

Because of our tendency to consume at least four Diet Cokes on any given day (give or take), we always get irrationally excited when the bottles get a new look.

Remember when they started putting people’s names on Coke bottles? We still get a thrill of excitement remembering the day we found ours in Tesco.

And we have GREAT NEWS, Coke fans, because their Share A Coke campaign is returning, but with the names of 75 holiday destinations on the packs.

So those of you who still gutted you couldn’t afford three weeks in Bali this summer can simply have a bottle of Coke instead!

Kinda the same?

And if that’s not enough, everyone who buys one of the exotic bottles will be in with a chance of winning an actual holiday! Fancy!


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