Don’t Tell The Bride has been saved and is MOVING TO BBC One!


Don’t Tell The Bride has been saved and is MOVING TO BBC One!


Good news, everybody: Don’t Tell The Bride will NOT be disappearing from our screens – because it’s moving to BBC One!

Last week it was announced the hit show would be scrapped when BBC Three goes online-only in 2015, but this afternoon the Beeb has reported it’s picked up a brand new six-part series to air some time next year.

This time around there’ll be a slight twist – all the brides will be aged between 30 and 55, and their grooms will be slightly older too.

Charlotte Moore, the controller of BBC One, said fans of the show will still love the main features of the programme – the hapless husband-to-be trying to negotiate a £12,000 budget, the wedding dress tears – but the new series has been “re-imagined for a broad audience”.

“Fans of the show can still enjoy the emotional highs and lows in the build up to the big day. As the husbands-to-be go about their secret planning it becomes clear that although the BBC One groom may be older, he’s not necessarily any wiser,” the press release we’ve got here adds.

Sadly there’s been no word yet on whether Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents will be re-commissioned by the Beeb, but fingers crossed we’ll live to see another group of vomming teenagers shaming their parents in Ayia Napa.

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